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Curriculum, learning areas and capabilities


What’s involved with each subject? What specialist programs does WPS offer? What is inquiry based learning? How are students assessed for growth? What learning support, or learning extension opportunities does WPS offer? All these answers can be found on this page.



Our curriculum program at WPS is based on the Victorian Curriculum.  English, Mathematics and Inquiry Learning form the basis of the classroom academic program along with the school’s personal, social and emotional program.  Specialist subjects of Greek, Music, Physical Education and Visual Arts are part of the school’s weekly program.  Capabilities such as cultural awareness, ethics, technologies and creative/critical thinking are embedded into all parts of the teaching and learning program.  The school also provides an English as Another Language program for eligible students requiring addition literacy instruction.

Inquiry learning

At WPS we use the inquiry approach to learning, which involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. The approach focuses on the skills the students require to achieve the desired outcome as well as the content knowledge.  Each year, students undertake inquiry units which have been developed to incorporate global concepts that increase general understanding, higher order thinking, deep questioning and curiosity.  Some examples of these Inquiry topics are:

  • Science focus: Everything around us is science.

  • History focus: All events have an impact on the world.

  • Cultural focus: Culture is something with which we can connect or identify.

  • Social focus: Events such as Commonwealth/Olympic games bring people together.

  • Sustainability focus: The Earth’s ongoing capacity to sustain life.

  • Art focus: Art can take many forms.


Learning support, extension and additional academic opportunities

We encourage our students to challenge themselves and we provide additional learning support and a range of extension opportunities, activities and competitions including numerous Writing, Science and Mathematics competitions (such as the University of NSW ICAS tests, the Maths Talent Quest and the Premier’s Reading Challenge) and extensions programs (such as Gateways and Bright Sparks).

Measuring and reporting learning growth

Our comprehensive assessment schedule ensures effective monitoring of student learning and growth. Students are assessed against the learning outcomes of the Victorian Curriculum. Regular assessment is carried out to allow teachers to create a learning program that is specific for the learning needs of individual students and to monitor the effectiveness of the teaching and learning program. Semester progress reports are delivered in June and December. Formal parent/teacher meetings are held twice each year to discuss student progress, however parents / carers are welcome to meet with their child’s teacher at any stage.

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WPS has a whole school literacy approach – we have adopted proven methods for teaching literacy and teach these consistently across all grades. An understanding of the English language is central to how we communicate and essential for intellectual, social and emotional development. Students practise the four processes of Literacy (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) daily. Through the study of Literacy we hope students develop a love of literature and learning and develop skills to experiment with ideas and expression, to become active, independent and lifelong learners.

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WPS promote excellence in mathematics. By studying mathematics, students develop knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematical concepts and their use within the classroom and beyond. Students are exposed to the three Mathematics strands: Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability and Measurement and Geometry. We use Maths games and open-ended activities with other students, computers and interactive whiteboards to help students further develop their understanding of Mathematics.

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Physical Education

We aim to instil a healthy attitude to physical activity which students take with them through life. On a weekly basis students participate in four sports based lessons. Sports lessons are taught by our specialist teacher who provides access to a wide variety of sports including: Athletics, Cross Country, Soccer, AFL, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Skateboarding, Hockey, Swimming, Bike Ed, Gymnastics, Golf. Many sports sessions are conducted on site in WPS’s excellent facilities, and our students also have access to local parks to extend the sporting opportunities we can provide. While the focus of our program is on fun and skills, we also provide competition opportunities - twilight sports (Foundation to grade 6), plus grades 3-6 Swimming, Cross Country, and Track and Field carnivals. We are part of Southport district and top place getters at school carnivals can progress to district, division, region and state level competitions. See www.ssv.vic.edu.au for more information about representative opportunities.

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The Arts (Visual and drama)

Windsor Primary students are given many opportunities to develop their creative flair such as weekly visual arts classes, occasional drama workshops, regular in-class dancing, assembly performances and a bi-annual all-school musical production which links to all areas of the classroom curriculum. These creative activities provide valuable learning experiences including team-building, problem-solving, public speaking, performing and literacy. Visual arts and Drama also enables the development of creativity, communication skills and critical thinking through collaborative learning.


The Arts (Music)

Our specialist music teacher conducts classes with students once a week, from a curriculum that is rich in musical experiences. Additional musical opportunities exist for students including assembly performances, choir, band, Junior Rockers concerts and bi-annual school musical.

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Information Technology (ICT):

Digital literacy is vital in today’s modern world. Windsor Primary supports the Digital Learning curriculum which is integrated across all areas of learning via a range of digital devices. Children use technology to enhance their learning and each classroom has computers and access to pods of iPads and laptops. Students learn programs including Microsoft Office suite and other programs for presenting, communicating and creating. We educate our children on the importance of cyber-safety and support our students on the journey to becoming responsible digital citizens.

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LOTE in Greek (Languages):

Students have weekly lessons in Greek which encourages respect for other cultures; Extending students’ abilities to attempt something quite different; Appreciation of one’s native language; Understanding how languages develop; Learning about other cultures. The students focus on the three key areas: Listening, responding and speaking; Viewing, reading and responding; and writing in Greek; Students are also encouraged to compare the Greek culture and lifestyle. Through learning another language, we promote and celebrate our cultural diversity. Our yearly celebration of Harmony Day is a prime example of how many different cultures can exist, learn and flourish together and learn from each other.

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Research and access to knowledge and information are crucial elements of all school programs. WPS library is designed to meet the students’ recreational reading needs and provide a variety of resources to support and enhance the curriculum. Students attend Library lessons once a week and are encouraged to borrow new books to explore (book bags are available from the office). Reading is integrated into each class daily, starting with reading circle. WPS also participates in the Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge, with great results. The Program encourages students to stretch themselves by reading widely. Many students take up the challenge each year.

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Windsor Primary offers a comprehensive program for both non-English speaking children and children who speak a language other than English at home.

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Genius Hour

Genius Hour is an approach to learning that encourages students to explore different passions, interests, expand on background knowledge and ignite creativity in the classroom. Our grade 3 and 4 students work on their genius hour projects throughout the year.

Click here to see some examples of student projects which showcase the variety of topics and eventual outputs.

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Inquiry Learning/Integrated Curriculum (Science, Health, Studies of Society and Environment)

Through inquiry learning, students learn about our natural and made worlds and open doors to discovery. Through inquiry learning, students explore evidence and investigate ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real world problems. Inquiry Learning is study that centres on the idea that learning should be based around student’s own questions. Subjects covered include: Technology, Health, Civics and Citizenship (rights and responsibilities as citizens; understanding their identity and roles in the community; learning to behave responsibly towards others and the environment and appreciating Australia’s role in global community) Humanities (Economics, Geography and History) and Science.