School fees


At Windsor Primary School we strive to provide the best possible education for your children.

Government funding covers teachers’ wages, essential curriculum support and some general funding, so in order to deliver the standards expected of us – and that your children deserve – we need the support of our school community through payment of school fees and voluntary levies. Costs can be for essential items, optional extras or voluntary payments to the school.

Please make every effort to ensure your child(ren)’s fees have been paid.

For the latest fee and levy structure, see ‘school fees’ document on the documents and forms page of this site.


What a free public education includes:

Victorian government schools must teach the standard curriculum to all students for free. This covers Foundation to year 12. Each school receives funding from the government to teach the standard curriculum. This funding pays for:

  • staff to do the teaching and run the school

  • the buildings and facilities

  • extra support for children with a disability.

Items you pay for:

You pay for items that are essential to help your child learn the standard curriculum. WPS decided what those items are and give you a list. Essential items include:

  • text books and stationery that your child borrows from the school or keeps

  • materials used for school work where your child keeps the final product. For example, wood used in a woodworking class.


Voluntary payments:

We invite voluntary payments which are for a specific purpose, such as for digital devices or new library books. You can choose whether to give a voluntary payment and can determine the area it goes to.

Who decides the costs:

WPS school council decides WPS’s costs, fees and essential items - guided by departmental policy in order to meet our community's needs.

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