Genius Hour


Making maths fun and learning too

By Millie F (Grade 3, 2018)

This project started as a Genius Hour idea, and then was entered into the MAV Maths Talent Quest, where it won first place in Victoria (2018) for Grade 3, and was selected as a national entry with winners from other states.

I’ve heard a lot of students say they don’t really like doing maths, but they like playing computer games. So, I wanted to invent a way that children can use their love of technology whilst doing maths, and enjoy it at the same time. I thought of creating a maths game.

Aims: To make maths fun by creating a maths game (played on a smartphone, ipad or computer) with equations to help students practise their recall of number facts with +,-, X and ÷; to improve my maths through coding my own game; For people to really like the game, have fun playing it and improve their maths at the same time; To inspire students to want to code their own maths game, learn all about the different maths that’s involved with coding and realise that maths is in so many things we do everyday.


  • Step 1: Taught myself to code ‘Crossy Road’ game (using Hopscotch)

  • Step 2: Using step 1 as inspiration, designed (on paper) a maths game

  • Step 3: Built / coded my own game: Crossy Maths

  • Step 4: Tested game with grade 3 and 4, surveyed them, collated results, created bar charts and pie graphs to analyse the results

Please click on the link below to play my maths game Crossy Maths: