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Our school has an attractive gold and navy uniform, which is compulsory for all students.

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Windsor Primary School’s dress code is about more than just how our students look. It’s about how our students behave and achieve and it’s an important part of their – and our school’s - identity.

Uniforms are available from our uniform shop near the office, open on Mondays 8:45am-9:15am and 3:15pm-3:45pm.

Having a coherent and consistent approach to our uniform is a key ingredient in creating a safe classroom environment focused on learning. Wearing the WPS school uniform identifies members of our school, promotes a sense of pride, loyalty, equity, mutual respect and a sense of belonging amongst the students. Through uniformity, there is still an opportunity for individuality to shine, but individuality comes from a student’s attitude, character, spirit and involvement.

We ask parents and carers to encourage students to wear the uniform proudly and well, and to instil in them that at all times they are ambassadors for Windsor Primary School.

The following guidelines are intended to ensure all members of our school are positive examples to each other and to the wider community.

It’s preferred items – where available - are purchased through the WPS uniform shop. Items not available through the uniform shop and purchased elsewhere must be of the same colour, style and fabric as those available from WPS uniform shop.

Most items of WPS uniform can be purchased at school.

Arrangements can be made to subsidise the supply of uniform via State Schools’ Relief Fund for families experiencing financial hardship. Parents seeking exemptions to the Dress Code due to religious beliefs, ethnic or cultural background, student disability or health conditions must apply in writing to the School Council for consideration.

For more information or to discuss our uniform policy, we encourage you to please come and speak to any council member, or contact WPS Principal directly.


Items recognised as school uniform:

The WPS Dress Code applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school, when students are on school excursions or engaged in school activities outside school hours.


  • Navy & yellow polo shirts with WPS logo, short or long sleeved

  • Yellow skivvy’s - with winter tunic only


  • Navy bootleg pants (girls)

  • Navy tailored pants (boys)

  • Navy track pants (both genders)

  • Plain navy shorts (not cargo / basketball shorts) without patch pockets

  • Navy skirt / skort

  • Navy bike pants/shorts may be worn under dresses/tunics/skirts

  • Discouraged: cargo/ basketball pants and shorts with external pockets


  • Blue and white check dress

  • Navy blue box pleat tunic (winter only)


  • Navy jumper (no hood) with WPS logo

  • Navy hooded zip up jacket with WPS logo

  • Navy bomber jacket with WPS logo

  • Grade 6 students only to wear their WPS year commemorative jacket

  • Plain navy winter coats


  • Socks must be white

  • Tights/stockings/leggings* must be navy blue only

  • *Leggings are never to be warn by themselves, they must always be worn as an undergarment, i.e. underneath skort/skirt/dress.



  • Black leather school shoe (lace up / t-bar)

  • Black or mostly white sneakers/runners

  • Non black athletic sneakers may be worn on Sport / PE days

  • Discouraged: sandals, thongs, coloured shoes, cowboy boots, shoes with wheels, shoes with heels, shoes that light up, bright coloured laces, shiny boots, crocs


  • Sunsmart hat with school logo must be worn outside in January, February, March, April, September, October, November and December

  • Hijabs: navy, yellow or white recommended

  • Students with shoulder length - or longer - hair, are required to tie their hair back at all times

  • Headbands and hair ties – navy blue, yellow or blue and white check


  • School back packs with WPS logo, ergonomically designed to pose minimum risk on students, are encouraged

  • Book bag with WPS logo


  • Stud earrings only / small sleepers. Watches are the only acceptable jewellery (Medical or religious necklaces are permitted)

  • Clear nail polish only

  • Discouraged: makeup, cosmetics, bangles, necklaces, rings, large hoop earrings, dangly earrings.