Learning & Leadership

Learning Through Leadership


A key feature of Windsor Primary School’s success is the active involvement in students in the life of the school. The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students including joining leadership teams and participating in leadership programs.

These different leadership roles and programs provide students with the skills, values, and attitudes for effective student leadership – responsibility, organisation, patience and perseverance.

Windsor Primary School recognises that leadership responsibilities can be in many different capacities, and that leadership skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

Roles available include:


School Captains

Two school and two vice captains are elected from Year 6 students. Responsibilities include representing the school at external events, school tours and conducting school assemblies. Captains act as role models for all students – including uniform, attendance, enthusiasm, responsibility and dedication to upholding school values.

House Captains

WPS has four houses: Wattle, Waratah, Bluegum and Peppercorn. Two captains are elected for each house from Year 5 and 6 students. Responsibilities include running house and all school fitness sessions, organising their teams, managing sports equipment and building positive team spirit, attitudes and efforts..

Off to School Captains

Two positions selected by staff from Year 5 students, assist and lead WPS Foundation (Prep) orientation ‘Off to School’ program.

Class Captains

Each Year 3 – 6 class elects a class captain at the start of each year. Captains also hold a place on the junior school council. Class captains undertake a range of responsibilities including representing the class at events and presenting at assemblies.

Junior School Council

Comprised of class captains, the JSC is responsible for planning and organising various school initiatives and events. Students in our JSC also learn about how meetings are conducted, discussing issues and the process of voting to make a collective decision. Through their role in presenting at assemblies, they gain experience speaking in front of large audiences and demonstrate their organisational skills in the preparation of each presentation.


Green Team

Peer elected, the Green Team program provides opportunities for students to learn about sustainability, local environment and most importantly, get their hands dirty on various projects, benefitting the school and the local community. Green Team has a strong focus on local indigenous culture, and work with local members of the community to maintain links that will provide opportunities for all students to gain a greater understanding of indigenous Australian animals and plants and their relationship with Indigenous Australian culture.

ICT Leaders

Responsible for helping to maintain the school’s technology devices and supporting staff and students with ICT problem solving.

Library Monitors

Assist students with searching, borrowing, games, packing up, setting up, displays and keeping the library and art spaces safe and welcoming spaces. Library monitors are also rostered on to support class library sessions and lunchtimes.

ART Monitors

Responsible for assisting in the art room and providing instruction and guidance to other students during lunchtime sessions.


WPS buddy program (for Foundation and Year 5 and 6 students) creates a caring bond, provides a sense of security for our Foundation students, and develops a sense of responsibility for our Year 5/6 students.


Creating a Safe and Supportive Environment (CASSE) Wellbeing Team is an action led student group of 10 students from Grade 2 to Grade 6. The role of a CASSE team member is to promote and observe good behaviour, and awareness within the school. The group looks at issues that they feel can improve school inclusivity, as well as promoting the school both within and in the wider community.